Edit user properties - AWS IAM Identity Center

Edit user properties

Use the following procedure to edit the properties of a user in your Identity Center directory using the IAM Identity Center console. Alternatively, you can call the AWS API operation UpdateUser to update user properties.

To edit user properties in IAM Identity Center
  1. Open the IAM Identity Center console.

  2. Choose Users.

  3. Choose the user that you want to edit.

  4. On the user Profile page, next to Profile details, choose Edit.

  5. On the Edit profile details page, update the properties as needed. Then, choose Save changes.


    (Optional) You can modify additional attributes such as Employee number and Office 365 Immutable ID to help map the user's identity in IAM Identity Center with certain business applications that users need to use.


    The Email address attribute is an editable field and the value you provide must be unique.