Integrating AWS Security Hub in ServiceNow - AWS Service Management Connector

Integrating AWS Security Hub in ServiceNow

AWS Security Hub enables users to view security Findings from AWS services such as Amazon Guard Duty and Amazon Inspector, as well as AWS Partner solutions.

If you use both AWS Security Hub and ServiceNow ITSM, the AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow allows you to create an automated, bidirectional integration between Security Hub and ServiceNow ITSM. This two-way integration synchronizes your Security Hub findings and ServiceNow tickets.

Specifically, as a ServiceNow administrator, you can use this integration to automatically create ServiceNow incident or problem tickets from AWS Security Hub findings. When you update those tickets in ServiceNow, the changes are automatically replicated back to the original Security Hub findings. For example, when you resolve the ticket in ServiceNow, the workflow status of the Security Hub finding also changes to RESOLVED. This action ensures that Security Hub always has up-to-date information about your security posture.

View the following video, AWS Security Hub - Bidirectional integration with ServiceNow ITSM, for an overview of the AWS Security Hub integration to the Connector for ServiceNow.