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The following table describes the documentation for this release of Amazon Pinpoint.

  • Latest documentation update: November 15, 2018

Change Description Date
Voice channel

You can use the new Amazon Pinpoint voice channel to create voice messages and deliver them to your customers over the phone. Currently, you can only send voice messages by using the Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice API. For more information, see Amazon Pinpoint Voice Channel.

November 15, 2018
Transactional email

You can now use Amazon Pinpoint to send email directly to individual recipients, without having to create segments or campaigns first. For more information about sending transactional email, see Sending Email in Amazon Pinpoint. For more information about setting up the email channel, see Email Settings.

November 5, 2018
EU (Ireland) Availability Amazon Pinpoint is now available in the EU (Ireland) AWS Region. October 25, 2018
New console design The Amazon Pinpoint console has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use. We've also streamlined the project creation process so that you can create projects directly in the Amazon Pinpoint console, rather than having to create them in AWS Mobile Hub. October 4, 2018
Advanced segmentation Added the ability to create dynamic segments that include advanced logic and comparisons. October 4, 2018
Monitoring with CloudWatch You can now use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor and analyze metrics related to your Amazon Pinpoint account. October 4, 2018
Email tutorial Added a tutorial that includes complete procedures for setting up a campaign and sending an email. June 19, 2018
Analytics chart references The Analytics section now includes several new and updated reports. We've added documentation that gives you additional information about each metric. June 12, 2018
Testing campaigns You can now test your messages by sending them to a segment or to a list of individual recipients. May 7, 2018
Define segments by importing user IDs Define a segment by importing a file that contains a list of user IDs. When you send a message to the segment, the potential destinations include each endpoint that's associated with each user ID in the file. May 7, 2018
Phone number verification for SMS Use the Amazon Pinpoint API to verify a phone number to determine whether it is a valid destination for SMS messages. April 23, 2018
Self-managed opt-outs and dashboard exports You can configure your SMS account settings so that you can manage SMS opt-outs outside of Amazon Pinpoint. You can also export Amazon Pinpoint dashboards for further analysis. March 28, 2018
Email project creation and identity verification Added information about creating email projects and verifying identities used to send email. March 21, 2018
SMS best practices Added a best practices guide that contains tips and information related to SMS campaigns. February 23, 2018
Requesting support for SMS use cases Contact AWS Support to request support for your SMS use case if you want to increase your spending limit, reserve an origination number, or reserve a sender ID. February 21, 2018
Segment import documentation Amazon Pinpoint can now create an IAM role for you automatically. February 6, 2018
Two-way SMS support by country Updated the table of Supported Countries and Regions for the SMS channel to list the countries and regions that support 2-way SMS. February 5, 2018
Time to Live value for mobile push In the Amazon Pinpoint console, you can specify a Time to Live (TTL) value when you write a mobile push message for a campaign. December 22, 2017
Removal of Amazon S3 export documentation The ability to export Amazon Pinpoint event data directly to Amazon S3 has been deprecated. Instead, you can use Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to send event data to Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and other AWS services. For more information, see Streaming App and Campaign Events with Amazon Pinpoint. December 18, 2017
Segment import documentation Importing Segments includes updated information about how to create endpoint files, the attributes you can use within these files, and how to create an IAM role for importing. October 26, 2017
APNs token authentication and APNs sandbox support The APNs channel settings accept a .p8 signing key so that Amazon Pinpoint can construct authentication tokens for your push notifications.

Use the APNs channel to send notifications to production and sandbox environments.

September 27, 2017
ADM and Baidu mobile push Enable mobile push channels for Amazon Device Message and Baidu Cloud Push in your projects. September 27, 2017
User analytics with Amazon Cognito user pools To enable analytics about users and authentication, use Amazon Cognito user pools to manage user sign-in. September 26, 2017
Account settings Use the SMS settings page in the console to manage account-level SMS settings that take effect for all of your projects. September 11, 2017
Users analytics Users charts in the Amazon Pinpoint console provide metrics about app usage and user authentication. August 31, 2017
Direct email messages You can send email messages directly, to a limited audience, without creating a campaign or engaging a segment. July 05, 2017
New channels: email and SMS In addition to the mobile push channel, you can enable email and SMS channels as part of your Amazon Pinpoint projects. With these channels enabled, you can send emails or text messages with your campaigns. June 08, 2017
Direct messaging You can send push notifications and text messages directly, to a limited audience, without creating a campaign or engaging a segment. June 08, 2017
Revenue charts You can view revenue charts in the Amazon Pinpoint console to see the revenue that is generated by your app and the number of items purchased by users. March 31, 2017
Event streams You can configure Amazon Pinpoint to send your app and campaign events to an Kinesis stream. March 24, 2017
Amazon Pinpoint general availability This release introduces Amazon Pinpoint. December 1, 2016