Why Can't I Connect to the Device Console with USB Connection between My Computer and Vehicle? - AWS DeepRacer

Why Can't I Connect to the Device Console with USB Connection between My Computer and Vehicle?

When setting up your vehicle for the first time, you might find it unable to open the device console (also known as the device web server, https://deepracer.aws, hosted on the vehicle) after connecting your AWS DeepRacer vehicle to your computer with a micro-USB/USB cable (USB is also referred to as USB-A).

Multiple causes may be behind this. Typically, you can resolve the issue with the following simple remedy.

To activate your device's USB-over-Ethernet network
  1. Turn off Wi-Fi on your computer and unplug any Ethernet cable connected to it.

  2. Press the RESET button on the vehicle to reboot the device.

  3. Open the device console by navigating to https://deepracer.aws from a web browser on your computer.

If the previous procedure doesn't work, you can check your computer's network preferences to verify that they're properly configured to let the computer connect to the device's network, whose network name is Deepracer. To do this, follow the steps in the following procedure.


The instructions below assume you're working with a MacOS computer. For other computer systems, consult with the network preferences documentation for the respective operating system and use the below instructions as a general guide.

To activate the device's USB-over-ethernet network on your MacOS computer
  1. Choose the network icon (on the top-right corner of the display) to open Network preferences.

                        Image: MacOS network icon

    Alternatively, choose Command+space, type Network, and then choose Network System Preferences.

  2. Check if Deepracer is listed as Connected. If DeepRacer is listed but not connected, make sure the micro-USB/USB cable is tightly plugged in between the vehicle and your computer.

  3. If the Deepracer network is not listed there or is listed but not connected when the USB cable is plugged in, choose Automatic from the Location preference and then choose Apply.

                        Image: Choose Automatic location for MacOS network preferences
  4. Verify that the AWS DeepRacer network is up and running as Connected.

                        Image: MacOS network preferences show the USB-over-ethernet network connected
  5. When your computer is connected to the Deepracer network, refresh the https://deepracer.aws page on the browser, and continue with the rest of Get Started Guide instructions of Connect to Wi-Fi.

  6. If the Deepracer network is not connected, disconnect your computer from the AWS DeepRacer vehicle and then reconnect it. When the Deepracer network becomes Connected, continue with the Get Started Guided instructions.

  7. If the Deepracer network on the device is still not connected, reboot your computer and AWS DeepRacer vehicle and repeat from Step 1 of this procedure, if necessary.

If the above remedy still doesn't resolve the issue, the device certificate might have been corrupted. Follow the steps below to generate a new certificate for your AWS DeepRacer vehicle to repair the corrupted file.

To generate a new certificate on the AWS DeepRacer vehicle
  1. Terminate the USB connection between your computer and your AWS DeepRacer vehicle by unplugging the micro-USB/USB cable.

  2. Connect your AWS DeepRacer vehicle to a monitor (with a HDMI-to-HDMI cable) and to USB keyboard and mouse.

  3. Log in to the AWS DeepRacer operating system. If this is the first login to the device operating system, use deepracer for the password, when asked for, and then proceed to change the password, as required, and use the updated password for subsequent logins.

  4. Open a terminal window and type the following Shell command. You can choose the Terminal shortcut from Applications -> System Tools on the desktop to open a terminal window. Or you can use the file browser, navigate to the /usr/bin folder, and choose gnome-terminal to open it.

    sudo /opt/aws/deepracer/nginx/nginx_install_certs.sh && sudo reboot

    Enter the password, which you used or updated in the previous step, when prompted.

    The above command installs a new certificate and reboots the device. It also reverts the device console's password to the default value printed at the bottom of the AWS DeepRacer vehicle.

  5. Disconnect the monitor, keyboard and mouse from the vehicle and reconnect it to your computer with the micro-USB/USB cable.

  6. Follow the second procedure in this topic to verify your computer is indeed connected to the device network before opening the device console (https://deepracer.aws) again and, then, continue with the Connect to Wi-Fi instructions in Get Started Guide.