Amazon SNS message archiving, replay, and analytics - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Amazon SNS message archiving, replay, and analytics

Amazon SNS standard topics support message archiving through Amazon Data Firehose. You can fan out notifications to Firehose delivery streams, which allows you to send notifications to storage and analytics destinations that Firehose supports, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Redshift, and more.

Amazon SNS FIFO topics support an in-place, no-code, message archive that lets topic owners store (or archive) messages published to a topic for up to 365 days. For topics with an active ArchivePolicy, subscribers can then create a ReplayPolicy to retrieve (or replay) the archived messages back to a subscribed endpoint. To learn more about this feature, see Message archiving and replay for FIFO topics.

Features Standard Topics FIFO Topics

Message archiving

Fanout to Firehose delivery streams

Message archiving for FIFO topic owners

Message replay

Replay for standard topics is not a built in feature. Many customers build their own based on their message archive.

Message replay for FIFO topic subscribers