Create a new OU - AWS Control Tower

Create a new OU

To create a new OU in AWS Control Tower
  1. Navigate to the Organization page.

  2. Select Create organizational unit from the Create resources dropdown menu in the upper right.

  3. Specify a name in the OU name field.

  4. In the Parent OU dropdown, you can see the hierarchy of registered OUs. Select a parent OU for the new OU you’re creating.

  5. Choose Add.


To add a nested OU in fewer steps, select the name of the parent OU shown in the table on the Organization page, view the OU page for that parent OU, and then choose Add an OU from the Actions dropdown menu in the upper right. The new OU is created as a nested OU under your selected OU, automatically.


If your landing zone is not up to date, you will see a flat list instead of a hierarchy in the dropdown menu. Even if your landing zone includes nested OUs, you will not see L5 OU’s in the dropdown, because you cannot create a new OU beneath a L5 OU. For more information about nested OUs in AWS Control Tower, see Nested OUs in AWS Control Tower.