Install the latest version of EC2Launch v2 - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Install the latest version of EC2Launch v2

EC2Launch v2 is currently available by download, by installation from SSM Distributor, and on all supported Windows AMIs.


To install the latest version of EC2Launch v2, download the service from the following locations:

Install from AWS SSM Distributor

You can install the AWSEC2Launch-Agent package from AWS SSM Distributor. For instructions on how to install a package from SSM Distributor, see Install or update packages in the AWS SSM User Guide.

Use AMI with EC2Launch v2 preinstalled (non-production workloads)

EC2Launch v2 is preinstalled on the following AMIs. Do not use these AMIs for production workloads as they are intended only for you to verify if the EC2Launch v2 service works well with your existing processes and workloads. You can find these AMIs from the Amazon EC2 console, or you can find them using the EC2 CLI and searching with the prefix EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-.

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-2004-English-Core-Base

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-2019-English-Full-Base

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-2019-English-Core-Base

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-2016-English-Full-Base

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-2016-English-Core-Base

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-2012_R2_RTM-English-Full-Base

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-2012_R2_RTM-English-Core

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows_Server-2012_RTM-English-Full-Base

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows-Server-2019-English-Full-SQL_2019_Express

  • EC2LaunchV2_Preview-Windows-Server-2016-English-Full-SQL_2017_Express