Getting the JDBC URL - Amazon Redshift

Getting the JDBC URL

Before you can connect to your Amazon Redshift cluster from a SQL client tool, you need to know the JDBC URL of your cluster. The JDBC URL has the following format: jdbc:redshift://endpoint:port/database.

The fields of the preceding format have the following values.

Field Value
jdbc The protocol for the connection.
redshift The subprotocol that specifies to use the Amazon Redshift driver to connect to the database.
endpoint The endpoint of the Amazon Redshift cluster.
port The port number that you specified when you launched the cluster. If you have a firewall, make sure that this port is open for you to use.
database The database that you created for your cluster.

The following is an example JDBC URL: jdbc:redshift://

Be sure to enter the URL values, for example SessionToken values, in URL encoded format.

For information about how to get your JDBC connection, see Finding your cluster connection string.

If the client computer fails to connect to the database, you can troubleshoot possible issues. For more information, see Troubleshooting connection issues in Amazon Redshift.