class aws_cdk.integ_tests_alpha.IntegTest(scope, id, *, test_cases, assertion_stack=None, enable_lookups=None, allow_destroy=None, cdk_command_options=None, diff_assets=None, hooks=None, regions=None, stack_update_workflow=None)

Bases: Construct

(experimental) A collection of test cases.

Each test case file should contain exactly one instance of this class.






# lambda_function: lambda.IFunction
# app: App

stack = Stack(app, "cdk-integ-lambda-bundling")

integ = IntegTest(app, "IntegTest",

invoke = integ.assertions.invoke_function(
    "Payload": "200"
  • scope (Construct) –

  • id (str) –

  • test_cases (Sequence[Stack]) – (experimental) List of test cases that make up this test.

  • assertion_stack (Optional[Stack]) – (experimental) Specify a stack to use for assertions. Default: - a stack is created for you

  • enable_lookups (Optional[bool]) – (experimental) Enable lookups for this test. If lookups are enabled then stackUpdateWorkflow must be set to false. Lookups should only be enabled when you are explicitly testing lookups. Default: false

  • allow_destroy (Optional[Sequence[str]]) – List of CloudFormation resource types in this stack that can be destroyed as part of an update without failing the test. This list should only include resources that for this specific integration test we are sure will not cause errors or an outage if destroyed. For example, maybe we know that a new resource will be created first before the old resource is destroyed which prevents any outage. e.g. [‘AWS::IAM::Role’] Default: - do not allow destruction of any resources on update

  • cdk_command_options (Union[CdkCommands, Dict[str, Any], None]) – Additional options to use for each CDK command. Default: - runner default options

  • diff_assets (Optional[bool]) – Whether or not to include asset hashes in the diff Asset hashes can introduces a lot of unneccessary noise into tests, but there are some cases where asset hashes should be included. For example any tests involving custom resources or bundling Default: false

  • hooks (Union[Hooks, Dict[str, Any], None]) – Additional commands to run at predefined points in the test workflow. e.g. { postDeploy: [‘yarn’, ‘test’] } Default: - no hooks

  • regions (Optional[Sequence[str]]) – Limit deployment to these regions. Default: - can run in any region

  • stack_update_workflow (Optional[bool]) – Run update workflow on this test case This should only be set to false to test scenarios that are not possible to test as part of the update workflow. Default: true





Returns a string representation of this construct.

Return type:




(experimental) Make assertions on resources in this test case.




The tree node.

Static Methods

classmethod is_construct(x)

Checks if x is a construct.

Use this method instead of instanceof to properly detect Construct instances, even when the construct library is symlinked.

Explanation: in JavaScript, multiple copies of the constructs library on disk are seen as independent, completely different libraries. As a consequence, the class Construct in each copy of the constructs library is seen as a different class, and an instance of one class will not test as instanceof the other class. npm install will not create installations like this, but users may manually symlink construct libraries together or use a monorepo tool: in those cases, multiple copies of the constructs library can be accidentally installed, and instanceof will behave unpredictably. It is safest to avoid using instanceof, and using this type-testing method instead.


x (Any) – Any object.

Return type:



true if x is an object created from a class which extends Construct.