Amazon CloudFront
Developer Guide (API Version 2016-09-29)

Troubleshooting Error Responses from Your Origin

If CloudFront requests an object from your origin, and the origin returns an HTTP 4xx or 5xx status code, there's a problem with communication between CloudFront and your origin. The following sections describe common causes for selected HTTP status codes and provides some possible solutions.


If you're a customer trying to access a website or application, and you've gotten an error from CloudFront, there's probably just unusually high traffic to the site you're trying to access. Please wait a little while, and then try accessing the site (or running the application) again. If you still get an error, please contact the website or application distributor directly for support.

Why is this error coming from CloudFront? CloudFront helps websites speed up delivery of content, like images or web pages, to customers by storing copies in servers located around the world. But when there's a lot of internet traffic to a website and the site can't keep up, an error is returned when anyone tries to access the site. When CloudFront can't access content that you've requested from a website, it passes on the error from the site or application that you're trying to use.