Flow block definitions - Amazon Connect

Flow block definitions

Use flow blocks to create flows in the flow designer. Drag flow blocks and drop them onto a canvas to arrange a flow.

The following table lists all available flow blocks that you can use. Choose any block name in the Block column for more information.

Block Description

Amazon Q in Connect

Associates an Amazon Q in Connect domain to a contact to enable real-time recommendations.

Call phone number

Initiates an outbound call from an outbound whisper flow.


Gets, updates, and creates cases.

Change routing priority / age

Changes the priority of the contact in queue. You may want to do this, for example, based on the contact's issue or other variable.

Check call progress

Engages with the output provided by an answering machine, and provides branches to route the contact accordingly. This block works with outbound campaigns only.

Check contact attributes

Checks the values of contact attributes.

Check hours of operation

Checks whether the contact is occurring within or outside of the hours of operation defined for the queue.

Check queue status

Checks the status of the queue based on specified conditions.

Check Voice ID

Branches based on the enrollment status, voice authentication status, or status of detection of fraudsters in a watchlist of the caller returned by Voice ID.

Check staffing

Checks the current working queue, or queue you specify in the block, for whether agents are available, staffed, or online. Staffed availability could be on call, or after contact work status.

Create persistent contact association

Specify an attribute to create a persistent contact association, enabling conversations to continue from where they left off.

Create task

Creates a new task, sets the tasks attributes, and initiates a contact flow to start the task. To learn more about Amazon Connect Tasks, see Concepts: Tasks in Amazon Connect.

Customer profiles

Enables you to retrieve, create, and update a customer profile.

Disconnect / hang up

Disconnects a contact.

Distribute by percentage

Routes customers randomly based on a percentage.

End flow / Resume

Ends the current flow without disconnecting the contact.

Get customer input

Branches based on customer intent.

Get queue metrics

Retrieves real-time metrics about queues and agents in your contact center and returns them as attributes.

Hold customer or agent

Places a customer or agent on or off hold.

Invoke AWS Lambda function

Calls AWS Lambda, optionally returns key-value pairs.

Invoke module

Calls a published module.


Loops through, or repeats, the Looping branch for the number of loops specified.

Loop prompts

Loops a sequence of prompts while a customer or agent is on hold or in queue.

Play prompt

Plays an interruptible audio prompt, delivers a text-to-speech message, or delivers a chat response.

Resume contact

Resumes a contact from a paused state.

Return (from module)

Exits the flow module after it has run successfully.

Set callback number

Sets a callback number.

Set contact attributes

Stores key-value pairs as contact attributes.

Customize the name of a block

Allows you to specify custom names for your flow blocks.

Set customer queue flow

Specifies the flow to invoke when a customer is transferred to a queue.

Set disconnect flow

Sets the flow to run after a disconnect event.

Set event flow

Specifies which flow to run during a contact event.

Set hold flow

Links from one flow type to another.

Set logging behavior

Enables flow logs so you can track events as contacts interact with flows.

Set Voice ID

When the call is connected to a flow, sends audio to Amazon Connect Voice ID to verify the caller's identity and match against fraudsters on a watch list.

Set recording and analytics behavior

Sets options for recording conversations.

Set voice

Sets the text-to-speech (TTS) language and voice to be used in the flow.

Set whisper flow

Overrides the default whisper by linking to a whisper flow.

Set working queue

Specifies the queue to be used when Transfer to queue is invoked.

Show view

Configures UI based workflows that you can surface to users in front end applications.

Start media streaming

Starts capturing customer audio for a contact.

Stop media streaming

Stops capturing customer audio after it is started with a Start media streaming block.

Store customer input

Stores numerical input to a contact attribute.

Transfer to agent (beta)

Transfers the customer to an agent.

Transfer to flow

Transfers the customer to another flow.

Transfer to phone number

Transfers the customer to a phone number external to your instance.

Transfer to queue

In most flows, this block ends the current flow and places the customer in queue. When used in a customer queue flow, this block transfers a contact already in a queue to another queue.


Pauses the flow.