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What's New?

This topic covers features and issues resolved in the current release of Amazon EMR. These release notes are also available on the Release 5.13.0 Tab, along with the application versions, component versions, and available configuration classifications for this release.

For earlier-version release notes back to release version 4.2.0, see Amazon EMR What's New History.

Release 5.13.0 (Latest)

The following release notes include information for the Amazon EMR release version 5.13.0. Changes are relative to 5.12.0.


  • Upgraded Spark to 2.3.0

  • Upgraded HBase to 1.4.2

  • Upgraded Presto to 0.194

  • Upgraded AWS Java SDK to 1.11.297

Changes, Enhancements, and Resolved Issues

  • Hive

    • Backported HIVE-15436. Enhanced Hive APIs to return only views.

Known Issues

  • MXNet does not currently have OpenCV libraries.

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