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About DeleteJobExecution

Deletes a job execution.

Requires permission to access the DeleteJobExecution action.

Method Signature


Required arguments:


The ID of the job whose execution on a particular device will be deleted.


The name of the thing whose job execution will be deleted.


The ID of the job execution to be deleted. The executionNumber refers to the execution of a particular job on a particular device.

Note that once a job execution is deleted, the executionNumber may be reused by IoT, so be sure you get and use the correct value here.

Optional arguments:


(Optional) When true, you can delete a job execution which is "IN_PROGRESS". Otherwise, you can only delete a job execution which is in a terminal state ("SUCCEEDED", "FAILED", "REJECTED", "REMOVED" or "CANCELED") or an exception will occur. The default is false.

Deleting a job execution which is "IN_PROGRESS", will cause the device to be unable to access job information or update the job execution status. Use caution and ensure that the device is able to recover to a valid state.


The namespace used to indicate that a job is a customer-managed job.

When you specify a value for this parameter, Amazon Web Services IoT Core sends jobs notifications to MQTT topics that contain the value in the following format.


The namespaceId feature is only supported by IoT Greengrass at this time. For more information, see Setting up IoT Greengrass core devices.