AWS::Glue::Partition PartitionInput - AWS CloudFormation

AWS::Glue::Partition PartitionInput

The structure used to create and update a partition.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "Parameters" : Json, "StorageDescriptor" : StorageDescriptor, "Values" : [ String, ... ] }



These key-value pairs define partition parameters.

Required: No

Type: Json

Update requires: No interruption


Provides information about the physical location where the partition is stored.

Required: No

Type: StorageDescriptor

Update requires: No interruption


The values of the partition. Although this parameter is not required by the SDK, you must specify this parameter for a valid input.

The values for the keys for the new partition must be passed as an array of String objects that must be ordered in the same order as the partition keys appearing in the Amazon S3 prefix. Otherwise AWS Glue will add the values to the wrong keys.

Required: Yes

Type: List of String

Update requires: Replacement

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