Creating a CIDR collection with CIDR locations and blocks - Amazon Route 53

Creating a CIDR collection with CIDR locations and blocks

To get started, create a CIDR collection and add CIDR blocks and locations to it.

To create a CIDR collection using the Route 53 console
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Route 53 console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose IP-based routing, and then CIDR collections.

  3. Select Create CIDR collection.

  4. In the Create CIDR collection pane, under Details, enter a name for the collection.

  5. Choose Create collection to create an empty collection.

    - or -

    In the Create CIDR locations section, enter a name for the CIDR location in the CIDR location box. The location name can be any identifying string, for example company 1, or Seattle. It doesn't have to be an actual geographic location.


    The CIDR location name has a maximum length of 16 characters.

    Enter the CIDR blocks in the CIDR blocks box one per line. These can be IPv4 or IPv6 addresses ranging from /0 to /24 for IPv4 and /0 to /48 for IPv6.

  6. After you have entered the CIDR blocks, choose Create CIDR collection, or Add another location to keep entering locations and CIDR block. You can enter multiple CIDR locations per collection.

  7. After you have entered CIDR locations, choose Create CIDR collection.