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Amazon Pinpoint projects

In Amazon Pinpoint, a project is a collection of recipient information, segments, campaigns, and journeys. New Amazon Pinpoint users should start by creating a project. If you've used the Amazon Pinpoint API, you may have seen references to "applications." In Amazon Pinpoint, projects and applications are interchangeable terms.

Generally, you configure settings for each project, and these settings apply by default to all the campaigns and journeys in the project. If you want to tailor an individual campaign or journey to meet specific needs, you can change certain settings for the campaign or journey. Your changes then override the default settings for the project, and the campaign or journey uses the custom settings that you chose.

In addition to the settings that are specific to an individual project, campaign, or journey, there are also some account-level settings. These account-level settings apply to all the projects for your Amazon Pinpoint account and, in some cases, other AWS services. These settings include:

  • Production access and sending quotas for channels.

  • SMTP credentials and other settings for sending email by using the Amazon Pinpoint SMTP interface.

  • Dedicated phone numbers for sending SMS and voice messages, and for receiving SMS messages.

  • Verified identities for sending email and SMS messages.

  • SMS information such as short codes, long codes, 10DLC, keywords, and registered sender IDs for sending SMS messages.

To view all the settings for your Amazon Pinpoint account, open an Amazon Pinpoint project, choose Settings in the navigation pane, and then choose the type of setting that you want to view.