Chef 11.10 and Earlier Versions for Linux - AWS OpsWorks

Chef 11.10 and Earlier Versions for Linux

This section provides a brief overview of the AWS OpsWorks Stacks documentation for Chef 11.10, 11.4, and 0.9 for Linux.

Getting Started with Chef 11 Linux Stacks

Provides a walkthrough that shows you how to create a simple but functional PHP application server stack.

Creating Your First Node.js Stack

Describes how to create a Linux stack that supports a Node.js application server and how to deploy a simple application.

Customizing AWS OpsWorks Stacks

Describes how to customize AWS OpsWorks Stacks to meet your specific requirements.

Cookbooks 101

Describes how to implement recipes for AWS OpsWorks Stacks instances.

Load Balancing a Layer

Describes how to use available AWS OpsWorks Stacks load balancing options.

Running a Stack in a VPC

Describes how to create and run a stack in a virtual private cloud.

Migrating from Chef Server

Provides guidelines for migrating from Chef Server to AWS OpsWorks Stacks.

AWS OpsWorks Stacks Layer Reference

Describes the available AWS OpsWorks Stacks built-in layers.

Cookbook Components

Describes the three standard cookbook components: attributes, templates, and recipes.

Stack Configuration and Deployment Attributes: Linux

Describes stack configuration and deployment attributes for Linux.

Built-in Cookbook Attributes

Describes how to use built-in recipe attributes to control the configuration of installed software.

Troubleshooting Chef 11.10 and Earlier Versions for Linux

Describes approaches to troubleshooting various issues in AWS OpsWorks Stacks.