AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

Create an Amazon RDS MySQL Database

Now you're ready to create an RDS database for the example using the Amazon RDS console's Launch DB Instance Wizard. The following procedure is a brief summary of the essential details. For a detailed description of how to create a database, see Getting Started with Amazon RDS.

To create the Amazon RDS database

  1. If this is your first time creating an RDS database, click Get Started Now. Otherwise, click RDS Dashboard in the navigation pane, and then click Launch a DB Instance.

  2. Select the MySQL Community Edition as the DB instance.

  3. For Do you plan to use this database for production purposes? select No, this instance..., which is sufficient for the example. For production use, you might want to select Yes, use Multi-AZ Deployment.... Click Next Step.

  4. On the Specify DB Details page, specify the following settings:

    • DB Instance Class: db.t2.micro

    • Multi-AZ Deployment: No

    • Allocated Storage: 5 GB

    • DB Instance Identifier: rdsexample

    • Master Username: opsworksuser

    • Master Password: Specify a suitable password and record it for later use.

    Accept the default settings for the other options and click Next Step.

  5. On the Configure Advanced Settings page, specify the following settings:

    • In the Network & Security section, for VPC Security Group(s), select phpsecgroup (VPC)

    • In the Database Options section, for Database Name, type rdsexampledb

    • In the Backup section, set Backup Retention Period to 0 for the purposes of this walkthrough.

    Accept the default settings for the other options and click Launch DB Instance.

  6. Choose View Your DB Instances to see the list of DB instances.

  7. Select the rdsexample instance in the list and click the arrow to reveal the instance endpoint and other details. Record the endpoint for later use. It will be something like Just record the DNS name; you won't need the port number.

  8. Use a tool such as MySQL Workbench to create a table named urler in the rdsexampledb database by using following SQL command: