AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

List a Stack's Apps (describe-apps)

Use the describe-apps command to list a stack's apps or get details about specified apps.

aws opsworks --region us-west-1 describe-apps --stack-id 38ee91e2-abdc-4208-a107-0b7168b3cc7a

The preceding example returns a JSON object that contains information about each app. This example has only one app. For a description of each parameter, see describe-apps.

{ "Apps": [ { "StackId": "38ee91e2-abdc-4208-a107-0b7168b3cc7a", "AppSource": { "Url": "", "Type": "archive" }, "Name": "SimpleJSP", "EnableSsl": false, "SslConfiguration": {}, "AppId": "da1decc1-0dff-43ea-ad7c-bb667cd87c8b", "Attributes": { "RailsEnv": null, "AutoBundleOnDeploy": "true", "DocumentRoot": "ROOT" }, "Shortname": "simplejsp", "Type": "other", "CreatedAt": "2013-08-01T21:46:54+00:00" } ] }