Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

x-amazon-apigateway-integration.requestParameters Object

Specifies mappings from named method request parameters to integration request parameters. The method request parameters must be defined before being referenced.


Property Name Type Description
integration.request.<param-type>.<param-name> string

The value must be a predefined method request parameter of the method.request.<param-type>.<param-name> format, where <param-type> can be querystring, path, header, or body. For the body parameter, the <param-name> is a JSON path expression without the $. prefix.

x-amazon-apigateway-integration.requestParameters Example

The following request parameter mappings example translates a method request's query (version), header (x-user-id) and path (service) parameters to the integration request's query (stage), header (x-userid), and path parameters (op), respectively.

"requestParameters" : { "integration.request.querystring.stage" : "method.request.querystring.version", "integration.request.header.x-userid" : "method.request.header.x-user-id", "integration.request.path.op" : "method.request.path.service" },