x-amazon-apigateway-integration.requestParameters object - Amazon API Gateway

x-amazon-apigateway-integration.requestParameters object

Specifies mappings from named method request parameters to integration request parameters. The method request parameters must be defined before being referenced.

Property name Type Description
integration.request.<param-type>.<param-name> string

The value is typically a predefined method request parameter of the method.request.<param-type>.<param-name> format, where <param-type> can be querystring, path, header, or body. However, $context.VARIABLE_NAME, $stageVariables.VARIABLE_NAME, and STATIC_VALUE are also valid. For the body parameter, the <param-name> is a JSON path expression without the $. prefix.

x-amazon-apigateway-integration.requestParameters example

The following request parameter mappings example translates a method request's query (version), header (x-user-id), and path (service) parameters to the integration request's query (stage), header (x-userid), and path parameters (op), respectively.


If you're creating resources through OpenAPI or AWS CloudFormation, static values should be enclosed in single quotes.

To add this value from the console, enter application/json in the box, without quotation marks.

"requestParameters" : { "integration.request.querystring.stage" : "method.request.querystring.version", "integration.request.header.x-userid" : "method.request.header.x-user-id", "integration.request.path.op" : "method.request.path.service" },