Confluence (Cloud) connector overview - Amazon Q Business

Confluence (Cloud) connector overview

The following table gives an overview of the Amazon Q Business Confluence (Cloud) connector and its supported features.

Category Feature Support
Security Authentication type Basic, OAuth 2.0 with Refresh Token Flow
Authentication credentials

For Basic authentication

  • Confluence Cloud URL

  • Confluence username

  • Password (Confluence (Cloud) site token)

For OAuth 2.0 authentication with Refresh Token Flow

Access Control List (ACL) crawling Yes. For more information, see ACL crawling.
Identity crawling Yes
Crawl features Custom metadata Yes
Entities Yes. The following entities are supported:
  • Space

  • Page

  • Blog post

  • Comment

  • Attachment

Field mappings Yes. For more information, see Field mappings.
Filters Yes. The following filters are supported:
  • Inclusion exclusion filters for Space key and Space URL

  • Inclusion exclusion filters on File Type for Attachment entity

  • Supports regex filters for entities

  • Supports inclusion and exclusion filters for File size

Sync mode Supports full and incremental (new, modified, and deleted) sync.
File types Supports all files supported by Amazon Q.