STV_WLM_QMR_CONFIG - Amazon Redshift


Records the configuration for WLM query monitoring rules (QMR). For more information, see WLM query monitoring rules.

STV_WLM_QMR_CONFIG is visible only to superusers. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
service_class integer ID for the WLM query queue (service class). Query queues are defined in the WLM configuration. Rules can be defined only for user-defined queues. For a list of service class IDs, see WLM service class IDs.
rule_name character(256) Name of the query monitoring rule.
action character(256) Rule action. Possible values are log, hop, abort, and change_query_priority.
metric_name character(256) Name of the metric.
metric_operator character(256) The metric operator. Possible values are >, =, <.
metric_value double The threshold value for the specified metric that triggers an action.
action_value character(256) If action is change_query_priority, then possible values are highest, high, normal, low, and lowest.

If action is log, hop, or abort then the value is empty.

Sample query

To view the QMR rule definitions for all service classes greater than 5 (which includes user-defined queues), run the following query. For a list of service class IDs, see WLM service class IDs.

Select * from stv_wlm_qmr_config where service_class > 5 order by service_class;