Use SVV_EXTERNAL_TABLES to view details for external tables; for more information, see CREATE EXTERNAL SCHEMA. Use SVV_EXTERNAL_TABLES also for cross-database queries to view metadata on all tables on unconnected databases that users have access to.

SVV_EXTERNAL_TABLES is visible to all users. Superusers can see all rows; regular users can see only their own data. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
redshift_database_name text The name of the local Amazon Redshift database.
schemaname text The name of the Amazon Redshift external schema for the external table.
tablename text The name of the external table.
tabletype text The type of table. Some values are TABLE, VIEW, MATERIALIZED VIEW, or " " empty string that represents no information.
location text The location of the table.
input_format text The input format
output_format text The output format.
serialization_lib text The serialization library.
serde_parameters text SerDe parameters.
compressed integer A value that indicates whether the table is compressed; 1 indicates compressed, 0 indicates not compressed.
parameters text Table properties.


The following example shows details svv_external_tables with a predicate on the external schema used by a federated query.

select schemaname, tablename from svv_external_tables where schemaname = 'apg_tpch'; schemaname | tablename ------------+----------- apg_tpch | customer apg_tpch | lineitem apg_tpch | nation apg_tpch | orders apg_tpch | part apg_tpch | partsupp apg_tpch | region apg_tpch | supplier (8 rows)