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Column Not Found When Using Athena with Amazon QuickSight

If you receive a "column not found" error, this can happen if the columns in an analysis are missing from the Athena data source.

In Amazon QuickSight, open your analysis. in the Visualize tab, Choose Choose dataset..., then Edit analysis data sets.

In the Data sets in this analysis screen, choose Edit near your dataset to refresh the dataset. Amazon QuickSight caches the schema for 2 minutes. So it can take 2 minutes before the latest changes display.

To investigate how the column was lost in the first place, you can go to and check the query history to find queries that edited the table.

If this error happened when you were editing a custom SQL query in preview, verify the name of the column in the query, and check for any other syntax errors. For example, check that the column name isn't enclosed in single quotes, which are reserved for strings.

If you still have an issue, verify that your tables, columns, and queries comply with Athena's requirements. For more information, see Names for Tables, Databases, and Columns and Troubleshooting in the Athena User Guide.