Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

SPICE Data in an Analysis

When you use SPICE data to create an analysis, a data import indicator appears next to the data set list at the top of the Fields list pane. When you first open the analysis and the data set is importing, this icon appears as a spinner.

Once the SPICE import completes, the indicator displays the percentage of rows that were successfully imported. A message also appears at the top of the visualization pane to provide counts of the rows imported and skipped.

If any rows were skipped, you can choose View summary in this message bar to see details about why those rows failed to import. To edit the data set and resolve the issues that led to skipped rows, choose Edit data set. For more information about common causes for skipped rows, see My Rows Were Skipped During Data Preparation.

If an import fails altogether, the data import indicator appears as an exclamation point icon, and an Import failed message displays.