Subnets - Amazon QuickSight


A subnet is a range of IP addresses in your VPC. You can attach AWS resources, such as EC2 instances and RDS DB instances, to subnets. You can create subnets to group instances together according to your security and operational needs.

For Amazon QuickSight to connect to your database, the network needs to route traffic to the data sources that you want to reach from the subnet used by the QuickSight network interface. If the data sources are on different subnets, make sure that there is a route from the QuickSight network interface to your database instance. By default, each subnet in a VPC is associated with one main route table and can reach the other subnets. For more information, see VPC and Subnets and Network ACLs in the Amazon VPC User Guide.

If you use Amazon RDS, DB instances are associated with a subnet group that you can view either in the Amazon RDS console ( or in the VPC console. For troubleshooting connectivity to Amazon RDS, see the AWS Support article How can I troubleshoot connectivity to an Amazon RDS instance that uses a public or private subnet of a VPC?