Viewing a channel configuration - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Viewing a channel configuration

You can view information about the configuration of a channel on the Channel details page on the AWS Elemental MediaLive console. This page is useful for viewing information when the channel is running. (When a channel is running, you can't view details by choosing Edit).

To view configuration information (AWS Elemental MediaLive console)

  1. Open the MediaLive console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Channels. (For information about the buttons on this page, see Editing a channel, Starting, stopping, and pausing an AWS Elemental MediaLive channel, and Creating a channel by cloning.)

  3. To view more details about a channel, choose the name of that channel. The Channel details page appears.

  4. View configuration information in one of these places:

    • For information about the input specification for the channel, choose the Details tab and look at the Input specifications pane.

    • For a one-click view of the destination for the channel (on the downstream system), choose the Destinations tab.

    • For basic information about the configuration of the channel, choose the Details tab.

    • For a read-only view of the complete configuration of the channel (which you specified when you created or edited the channel), choose the Settings tab.

    • For a view of the raw JSON code for the channel configuration, choose the Details tab, and then choose Advanced details. You can copy this JSON code to your clipboard.