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Fields for a Splice Insert Message

This table shows the fields that apply for an action to insert a splice_insert SCTE-35 message.

Field Description
Action Type SCTE-35 Splice Insert
Action Name A name for this splice insert action. For example, splice_insert actions could be numbered sequentially, restarting every day or every month.
Start type Fixed
Date and Time

The UTC start time for the splice_insert. The time should be at least 15 seconds later than the time you submit the action.

Note that the time is the wall clock time, not the timecode in the input.

Splice event id Enter an ID for this splice event that is unique among all splice_insert messages in this channel.
Duration Enter the duration, in 90 kHz ticks. For example, 1350000, which is equal to 15 seconds.

The splice_insert inserted in the transport stream will have:

segmentation_event_cancel_indicator = 0 out_of_network = 1 duration_flag = 1 duration = the specified time


segmentation_event_cancel_indicator = 0 out_of_network = 1 duration_flag = 0