Processing features – default behavior - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Processing features – default behavior

The default handling of SCTE-35 by MediaLive is the following:

  • No passthrough – Remove SCTE-35 messages in any data stream outputs. There is one exception: for MediaPackage outputs, passthrough is always enabled.

  • No blanking or blackout – Do not blank out video content for any events. Leave the content as is.

  • No manifest decoration – Do not convert any SCTE-35 messages to event information in any output manifests or data streams. There is one exception: for MediaPackage outputs, manifest decoration is always enabled and can't be disabled.

If this is the behavior that you want, you don't need to read any further in this SCTE-35 section.

Typically, you change these defaults only if you want to include ad avail information in the channel outputs. The following are examples of when you change the defaults

  • You enable passthrough.

  • You enable manifest decoration, if your channel includes HLS, MediaPackage, or Microsoft Smooth output groups.

  • You blank or blackout video content depending on your agreement with the content provider.