AWS SDK を使用して、リファレンスイメージと比較した Amazon Rekognition コレクション内の顔を検索する - AWSSDK コードサンプル

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AWS SDK を使用して、リファレンスイメージと比較した Amazon Rekognition コレクション内の顔を検索する

次のコード例は、リファレンスイメージと比較した Amazon Rekognition コレクション内の顔を検索する方法を示しています。

詳細については、「顔を検索する (イメージ)」を参照してください。


他にもありますGitHub。用例一覧を検索し、AWS コード例リポジトリでの設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

using System; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Amazon.Rekognition; using Amazon.Rekognition.Model; /// <summary> /// Uses the Amazon Rekognition Service to search for images matching those /// in a collection. The example was created using the AWS SDK for .NET /// version 3.7 and .NET Core 5.0. /// </summary> public class SearchFacesMatchingImage { public static async Task Main() { string collectionId = "MyCollection"; string bucket = "bucket"; string photo = "input.jpg"; var rekognitionClient = new AmazonRekognitionClient(); // Get an image object from S3 bucket. var image = new Image() { S3Object = new S3Object() { Bucket = bucket, Name = photo, }, }; var searchFacesByImageRequest = new SearchFacesByImageRequest() { CollectionId = collectionId, Image = image, FaceMatchThreshold = 70F, MaxFaces = 2, }; SearchFacesByImageResponse searchFacesByImageResponse = await rekognitionClient.SearchFacesByImageAsync(searchFacesByImageRequest); Console.WriteLine("Faces matching largest face in image from " + photo); searchFacesByImageResponse.FaceMatches.ForEach(face => { Console.WriteLine($"FaceId: {face.Face.FaceId}, Similarity: {face.Similarity}"); }); } }
  • API の詳細については、AWS SDK for .NETAPI SearchFacesByImageリファレンスのを参照してください

SDK for Java 2.x

他にもありますGitHub。用例一覧を検索し、AWS コード例リポジトリでの設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

public static void searchFacebyId(RekognitionClient rekClient,String collectionId, String faceId) { try { SearchFacesRequest searchFacesRequest = SearchFacesRequest.builder() .collectionId(collectionId) .faceId(faceId) .faceMatchThreshold(70F) .maxFaces(2) .build(); SearchFacesResponse imageResponse = rekClient.searchFaces(searchFacesRequest) ; System.out.println("Faces matching in the collection"); List<FaceMatch> faceImageMatches = imageResponse.faceMatches(); for (FaceMatch face: faceImageMatches) { System.out.println("The similarity level is "+face.similarity()); System.out.println(); } } catch (RekognitionException e) { System.out.println(e.getMessage()); System.exit(1); } }
  • API の詳細については、AWS SDK for Java 2.xAPI SearchFacesByImageリファレンスのを参照してください

SDK for Python (Boto3)

他にもありますGitHub。用例一覧を検索し、AWS コード例リポジトリでの設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

class RekognitionCollection: """ Encapsulates an Amazon Rekognition collection. This class is a thin wrapper around parts of the Boto3 Amazon Rekognition API. """ def __init__(self, collection, rekognition_client): """ Initializes a collection object. :param collection: Collection data in the format returned by a call to create_collection. :param rekognition_client: A Boto3 Rekognition client. """ self.collection_id = collection['CollectionId'] self.collection_arn, self.face_count, self.created = self._unpack_collection( collection) self.rekognition_client = rekognition_client @staticmethod def _unpack_collection(collection): """ Unpacks optional parts of a collection that can be returned by describe_collection. :param collection: The collection data. :return: A tuple of the data in the collection. """ return ( collection.get('CollectionArn'), collection.get('FaceCount', 0), collection.get('CreationTimestamp')) def search_faces_by_image(self, image, threshold, max_faces): """ Searches for faces in the collection that match the largest face in the reference image. :param image: The image that contains the reference face to search for. :param threshold: The match confidence must be greater than this value for a face to be included in the results. :param max_faces: The maximum number of faces to return. :return: A tuple. The first element is the face found in the reference image. The second element is the list of matching faces found in the collection. """ try: response = self.rekognition_client.search_faces_by_image( CollectionId=self.collection_id, Image=image.image, FaceMatchThreshold=threshold, MaxFaces=max_faces) image_face = RekognitionFace({ 'BoundingBox': response['SearchedFaceBoundingBox'], 'Confidence': response['SearchedFaceConfidence'] }) collection_faces = [ RekognitionFace(face['Face']) for face in response['FaceMatches']]"Found %s faces in the collection that match the largest " "face in %s.", len(collection_faces), image.image_name) except ClientError: logger.exception( "Couldn't search for faces in %s that match %s.", self.collection_id, image.image_name) raise else: return image_face, collection_faces
  • API の詳細については、「AWSSDK for Python (Boto3) API リファレンス」のを参照してくださいSearchFacesByImage