Override a capacity plan - Amazon Connect

Override a capacity plan

You can upload a .csv file that overrides the Required FTEs (without Shrinkage) data in the Plan outputs section of a capacity plan. This section is shown in the following image.

                    The Plan Outputs section of the capacity plan, the Required FTEs
                        (without Shrinkage).

You might want to do this, for example, to give your team of agents a buffer.

  1. Log in to the Amazon Connect admin website with an account that has security profile permissions for Analytics, Capacity planning - Edit.

    For more information, see Security profile permissions for forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling.

  2. On the Amazon Connect navigation menu, select Analytics and optimization, Capacity Planning.

  3. On the Capacity Plans tab, choose the plan.

  4. On the detailed page for the capacity plan, choose Actions, Upload plan override, and then choose download the CSV template file. This option is shown in the following image.

                            The apply override section, the link to download the CSV
                                template file.

    The .csv file template has one row, and it contains the values that were displayed in the Required FTEs (without Shrinkage) row of the Plan outputs table. The following image shows an example of this data in a .csv file

                            A csv file, the data for the Required FTEs without
  5. Make your changes, and save the template file with a different name. Return to the Upload override dialog box (you might need to choose Actions, Upload plan override to redisplay the dialog box), choose Upload CSV, and then choose Override.

  6. After you upload the .csv file, the metrics in the Required FTEs (without Shrinkage) row are automatically re-calculated and updated. Hover over the blue triangle to see the original value, as shown in the following image.

                            The Plan Outputs section, the original value for the required
  7. The rest of the metrics are updated automatically to reflect the latest change for Required FTEs (without Shrinkage).