Concepts and terminology for customer object type mappings - Amazon Connect

Concepts and terminology for customer object type mappings

The following terminology and concepts are central to your understanding of custom object type mappings.

Standard profile object

A standard profile object is a predefined object that all profiles contain.

A standard profile object contains standard fields, such as phone numbers, email addresses, name and other standard data. This data can be retrieved in a standard format regardless of the source (for example, Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Marketo).

Profile object

A profile object is a single unit of information known about a profile. For example, the information about a phone call, a ticket, a case, or even a click-stream record from a web site.

A single profile object can be up to 250 KB and can be any structured JSON document.

  • Every profile object has a type. For example, the profile object can be an Amazon Connect contact record, ServiceNow Users, or Marketo Leads.

  • The type refers to the object type mapping.

  • The object type mapping defines how that specific object should be ingested into Customer Profiles.


A profile contains all the information known about a specific customer or contact. It includes a single standard profile object and any number of additional profile objects.

Object type mapping

The object type mapping tells Customer Profiles how to ingest a specific type of data. It provides Customer Profiles with the following information:

  • How data should be populated from the object and ingested into the standard profile object.

  • What fields should be indexed in the object and how those fields should then be used to assign objects of this type to a specific profile.

Mapping template

A mapping template is a predefined object type mapping included with the Customer Profiles service.

Customer Profiles includes mapping templates for Amazon Connect contact records, Salesforce Accounts, ServiceNow Users, and Marketo Leads. For a complete list of available mapping templates, use the ListProfileObjectTypeTemplates API.

With mapping templates you can quickly ingest data from well known sources without having to specify any additional information.