Set up agent hierarchies - Amazon Connect

Set up agent hierarchies

Agent hierarchies are a way for you to organize agents into teams and groups for reporting purposes. It's useful to organize them based on their location and their skill sets. For example, you might want to create large groups, such as all agents who work on a specific continent, or smaller groups such as all agents working in a specific department.

You can also configure hierarchies with up to five levels, and segment agents or teams. Here are a couple of things to note about using hierarchies:

Required permissions

To create agent hierarchies, you need the View - Agent hierarchy permission in your security profile.


Since agent hierarchies may include location and skill set data, you also need this permission to view the agent hierarchy information in a real-time metrics report.

The following image shows the Users and permissions - Agent hierarchy permissions on the Security profile permissions page.

the Users and permissions - Agent hierarchy permission on the Security profile permissions page.

Create a new agent hierarchy

How many hierarchy groups can I create? To view your quota of User hierarchy groups per instance, open the Service Quotas console at

  1. Log in to the Amazon Connect console with an Admin account, or an account assigned to a security profile that has permissions to create agent hierarchies.

  2. Choose Users, Agent hierarchy.

  3. Enter a name and choose + to create the first level of your hierarchy.

  4. Choose + to add more levels to your hierarchy.

  5. Choose Save to apply the changes, or Cancel to undo them.


    If the Save button isn't active, you don't have permissions to create or edit the agent hierarchy.

Add groups, teams, and agents to a hierarchy

After you create a hierarchy, you can add groups, teams, and agents from the top down.

  1. Select the top level of the hierarchy.

  2. Choose x to add groupings to each level.

  3. Choose the check icon to save the name, choose the pencil icon to edit the name.

  4. Choose Save.

Choose View historical changes to view the change history. You can filter changes by date (between two dates) or by user name. If you cannot see the link, ensure that you have the proper permissions to view these changes.

Delete an agent hierarchy


Deleting a hierarchy level severs the link to existing contacts. This action can not be reversed.