Use the mini-map to navigate a flow - Amazon Connect

Use the mini-map to navigate a flow

In the lower left corner of the flow designer, there's a miniaturize view of the entire flow. Use this view to help you easily navigate the flow. The drag-to-move mini-map has visual highlights that enable you to quickly move to any point in the flow.

The following image shows the location of the mini-map in the flow designer. The arrow points to the toggle that you use to hide or show the mini-map.

                A flow with the mini-map.

The following GIF shows an example of how you can use the mini-map to navigate a large flow. Click or tap the mini-map to move the view to the desired location on the flow designer.

                A flow that shows the mini-map.

Note the following functionality:

  • It shows your current view in green outline.

  • It highlights selected blocks in blue, notes in yellow, search results in orange, and termination blocks in black.

  • It allows continuous movement of the view when you drag on the mini-map.

  • It returns the view to the Entry block and trims unused space when you choose Reset.